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"I've never known a
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Ambassador Alan Keyes
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The Daily Obamanation


The Daily Obamanation

Volume IX

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

CONTACT: George Cecala
Phone: (312) 756-0025

Obamanation (O-ba'-ma-NA'-shin):  n. the act of saying something to a target audience with the sole purpose of currying favor, while in fact having acted in direct opposition to the expressed idea.

Over the course of his campaign, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Barack Obama has variously attempted to explain away his votes resisting any restrictions on partial birth abortion and infanticide:

"Existing Illinois law mandates that any infant that has a chance for survival is provided life-saving treatment, not only that you've got to have a second doctor there to certify that in fact that is the case. That continues to be the case, that is current law today, as it should be. Now, the bill that was put forward was essentially a way of getting around Roe vs. Wade…" —Barack Obama speaking at the U.S. Senate Candidates' Debate in Springfield, Illinois on October 12, 2004

"No one is pro-abortion and I do not sanction infanticide." —Barack Obama speaking at Benedictine University in Lisle on October 5, 2004

According to the Chicago Tribune, "A spokesman said Obama voted against the abortion legislation because it included provisions that 'would have taken away from doctors their professional judgment when a fetus is viable.'" —"Aborting Coverage of Abortion" by Cliff Kincaid, September 13, 2004

According to The Illinois Leader, "Today, Obama said that he was not supportive of the legislation because it did not include an exception for the life of the mother." —"Obama's opposition to Born Alive Infants legislation impetus for Keyes' campaign" by Illinois Leader staff, August 10, 2004

Barack Obama failed to support SB 1093, part of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act of 2001, which provides that no abortion procedure which, in the medical judgment of the attending physician, has a reasonable likelihood of resulting in a live-born child shall be undertaken unless there is a separate doctor in attendance for the purpose of providing medical treatment to the child. [1]

Obama failed to support SB 1095, which creates a cause of action if a child is born alive after an induced labor abortion or any other abortion and a doctor harms or neglects the child or fails to provide medical care after the birth. [2]

Obama voted NO on SB 1661 in 2002, part of the Abortion Alive Protection Act, which creates the Induced Birth Infant Liability Act, providing that if a child is born alive after an induced labor abortion or other abortion, a parent of the child or the public guardian may maintain an action on the child's behalf for damages, including costs of care to preserve and protect the life, health, and safety of the child, punitive damages, and costs and attorneys' fees, against a hospital, health care facility, or health care provider who harms or neglects the child or fails to provide medical care to the child after the child's birth. [3]

Obama failed to support HB 382 [4] and SB 230 [5] in 1997, two partial birth abortion bills that prohibit the procedure unless necessary to save the life of the mother.

Barack Obama has been making excuses since day-one to cover his record of supporting the killing of live-born abortion victims — a practice of infanticide. First, Obama claimed that he failed to support the Born Alive Infant Protection Act because it did not include the "life and health of the mother" provision, though he failed to support two bans which included exceptions for the life of the mother. And when it became apparent that the cases under consideration were babies who survived abortion procedures, already physically separated from the mother, Obama changed his story and said he voted against this legislation to protect doctors.

That excuse still wasn't plausible, so Obama tried to simply lie, asserting that no one is in favor of abortion and that he doesn't sanction infanticide. But one look at Obama's voting record and financial support by rabid pro-abortion groups will tell you that he does indeed support these procedures. The latest excuse Obama has tried to give for supporting infanticide procedures is that existing Illinois law already protects these infants, and there are enough safeguards to prevent an abortion-surviving child from being discarded to death. Also not an adequate excuse while infanticide continues and the State legislature continues to attempt to stop it. "The legislation I introduced would have protected infants who are born alive with a beating heart and breathing lungs. [Obama] was opposed to protecting those babies," said State Senator Patrick O'Malley. "A child who survives birth is a U.S. citizen… we need to do everything we can in the state of Illinois… to make sure we secure and protect its rights." ("Bill Proposes Care for Fetus After Abortion" in The Chicago Sun-Times, March 31, 2001.)

The law cited by Obama in the recent U.S. Senate debate states that a second doctor must be present in the event the abortionist thinks the procedure to abort might produce a potentially viable baby. Obama neglected to say that the decision to involve the second doctor is up to the doctor performing the abortion. Also, the two-doctor rule depends entirely on a pre-delivery assessment by the abortionist that the baby may be viable.

The Born Alive Infant Protection Act requires a post-delivery assessment, which is needed because viability is hard to determine while the child is still in the womb, and because an abortionist has an obvious conflict of interest in being entrusted with the unborn child's welfare — the mercenary professional interest to "assess" on the side of being able to commit the abortion, without inviting another doctor's involvement for the sake of the baby's survival, is overt.

Obama said during the U.S. Senate debate that he would have supported the Federal version of this ban because the language was protective of existing Federal rulings, notably Roe v. Wade. However, while Obama easily could have offered an amendment to the State version to satisfy this language requirement, he did not. The truth is that Obama is taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from pro-abortion groups to vote their way — for utterly unrestricted abortion and even infanticide.

It's typical Barack Obamanating — saying one thing, taking the campaign contributions, and then doing the opposite thing. Illinois deserves better: real answers, real responsibility, real leadership.

One final note: Barack Obama was adamant about the need to protect innocent life when the discussion was death penalty reform, stating, "If we're going to err in this situation, we probably need to err on the side of not putting people to death who are innocent." ("Senate Committee Approves Death Penalty Package Despite Criticism" in the Associated Press, December 3, 2004.)

Just who in the world is more innocent than a newborn child emerging from a mother's womb?

Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate from Illinois. He has been known to say he supports one thing after having acted to undermine that very thing. Obama has a record of increasing taxes, maintaining the status quo and pandering to special interests. (See also: tax-and-spend liberal, leftist ideologue, liberal extremist.)

  1. SB1093: Amends the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975; 92nd General Assembly; 3/30/01, Obama Vote: Present
  2. SB1095: Amends the Statute on Statutes; 92nd General Assembly; 3/30/01, Obama Vote: Present
  3. SB1661: Induced Birth Infant Liability Act; 92nd General Assembly, 4/04/02, Obama Vote: No
  4. HB 382: Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act; 90th General Assembly, 1997; Obama Vote: Present; Vote: Not Voting on Override
  5. SB 230: Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act; 90th General Assembly; 1997; Obama Vote: No in Committee; Vote: Present in Assembly

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