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"I've never known a
more stout-hearted
defender of a strong
America than Alan
He truly knows
that freedom works."
—Ronald Reagan

Ambassador Alan Keyes
is a former president of
the Ronald Reagan
Alumni Association

The Daily Obamanation


Obamanation Debate Fact Check

Chicago, Illinois
Wednesday, October 21, 2004

CONTACT: Bill Pascoe
Phone: (312) 756-0025

Obama Claim: "I support common sense gun laws."

Obama: The Criminals' Best Friend
If Barack Obama had his way, the world would be safer for the criminals who prey on law-abiding citizens. His legislative record is one of voting consistently against defending the law enforcement authorities who defend us, and voting against tougher penalties against those who do us harm. He has consistently acted more like an ACLU-backed trial lawyer than a representative of citizens and families working to get the criminals off the streets. Maybe that's why he was endorsed by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and the far-left Howard Dean.

Barack Obama's voting record is a mixture of indecision and making excuses for criminals. How can he be trusted to "advise and consent" on appointments of qualified judges when he refuses to take a stand against criminals?

HB 1812 (2001): Voted No (Third Reading) (Date: 5-15-01) (44-9-5) -- Bill Vetoed by Governor
In 2001, in response to a brutal gang murder in Chicago, Obama voted against toughening penalty for gangbangers that commit crimes in the furtherance of gang activity

SB 1846 (1998): Voted No (Concurrence of HA #1) (Date: 5-21-98) (54-3-1) PA 90-0795
In 1998, Obama voted no on creating the offense of unlawful contact with street-gang members. Provides that it is a Class A misdemeanor for a person who is sentenced to probation, conditional discharge or supervision for a criminal offense or who is released on bail to knowingly have direct or indirect contact with a street-gang member if a condition of that sentence or bond is for the person to refrain from contact with street-gang members.

SB 485 (1999): Voted No (Third Reading) (Date: 3-11-99) (54-1-2) * Only No Vote * PA 91-0953
In 1999, Obama was the only member to vote against a bill that prohibited convicted criminal sexual abusers from early release (i.e. receiving good time credits" for time served in county jail.)

HB 2088 (2001): Voted Present (Third Reading) (Date: 5-10-01) (47-1-6) PA 92-0415
Obama refused to support and important initiative of Attorney General Jim Ryan to toughen laws on pedophiles and rapists by revamping the Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act.

HB 338: (2003): Not Voting (Third Reading) (5-1-2003) 58-0-0 PA 93--309
Provides that in order to be eligible for election to a school board (or in Chicago to be eligible for appointment), a person must not be a child sex offender.

HB 172: (1997) Voted No (Third Reading) (5-16-1997) 43-9-3
Allows law enforcement authorities executing a search warrant to enter the premises without knocking if they have a reasonable fear that suspects inside are armed, or if they have a reasonable fear that suspects will use the time afforded by a knock on the door to destroy evidence.

SB 759 (1999): Voted Present, (Third Reading) (Date: 3-25-99) (52-1-5) PA 91-15
Mandatory adult prosecution for aggravated discharge of a firearm in or near school.

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The Daily Obamanation

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